fie.nipa Group

Operations Engineer

You will manage important company operations. You will solve problems using your engineering skills except when another approach is more efficient.

You will perform other tasks as assigned

Primary Responsibilities
- Manage key company operations
- Maintain in-house company tools, servers and software (involves programming and systems engineering skills)
- Support existing clients and manage on-going projects

Skills Required
- Acute ability to pay attention to detail

Suuch Solutions, established in 2003, is a Ghana-based technology consulting company.

We are competent at customizing and deploying open-source solutions in software and hardware. And we do it in the language of your choice.

Pout your lips.
S-O-O-C-H, Suuch!

Pout your lips some more.
m-y-S-o-o-c-h, mySuuch!

Concatenate "fee-ay-nipa".
f-e-e-a-y n-e-e-p-a, fie.nipa!

k-a-s-a-h-o-r-o-w-o, kasahorow!

The NNOBOA Initiative is the social projects support arm of Suuch Solutions. It is the organ through which Suuch Solutions funds selected social projects.

There is no formal application process or formal criteria by which the NNOBOA Initiative selects projects to fund. Feel free to email nnoboa @ suuch . com with project ideas that you feel are worthy of support.

Current Project
The kLP100000 Marathon, A Tsooboi! Project of the GhanaThink Foundation.

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Accra, Ghana
Tel: +233 26 276 6490
Tel: +233 31 203 2844

Takoradi, Ghana
Tel: +233 26 276 6490

New Haven, CT
Tel: +1 203 645 8424

Email: suuch @ suuch . com (supprimez les espaces)